Venture Hive Veteran Company Raises Funds for North Florida Disabled Veteran Family

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. – Approximately $4500 was raised to help a local disabled military family during the High Caliber Lady Fashion Show held April 16 at the Shoreline Church at Uptown Station.

The fashion show was geared towards women interested in learning more about firearms and featured a runway style fashion show highlighting pistol concealment holsters and garments. The event was made possible through sponsorships by High Caliber Lady and Ranger Firearms.

While the event focused on women on firearms education and personal safety, according to the event coordinator and High Caliber Lady CEO, Heather Burleson, the event was an amazing opportunity to raise funds for a worthy cause.

“All of the ticket sales went directly to the Building Homes for Heroes to aid a local disabled military family build a disability-enabled home,” said Burleson, whom is a 6-year Air Force veteran herself.

Burleson, whom is also participating in the City of Fort Walton Beach’s 2016 Venture Hive Veteran Accelerator, did say that the event almost did not happen at all.

“We did have to almost cancel the event,” said Burleson. “Luckily through some great networks, mentoring and relationships we were able to not only pull off the fashion show – but help a fellow veteran.”

Burleson said the some of the best advice she had received for the event came from the Venture Hive Veteran program.

“I was told by the staff at Venture Hive that “It is times of struggle that you find out who your network really is,’” said Burleson. “That is advice that I will continue to hold onto throughout my life.”

Burleson said that High Caliber Lady will be following up the fashion show with a series of classes focused on both fundamental pistol safety and ongoing skill-based training  at the Fort Walton Beach Venture Hive classroom starting in mid-May.

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