Venture Hive Fort Walton Beach Presents Free Business Seminar

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — Have you ever said, “I can remember the face – but not the name?” Have you ever heard a phone number on your car radio that you needed to recall, so you repeated it, and repeated it, and repeated it – only to forget the number just moments later?  Or perhaps you were in the middle of an important sales pitch, and your chain of thought came to an abrupt and embarrassing halt!

As part of the Venture Hive Fort Walton Beach Free Business Seminar Series, guests will learn techniques such as utilizing hyperbolic iconography, surrogating, and left-right brain switching to solve the latter problems – and more.

Your Instructor, Robert L. Foster, created this Course for Executives in the Austin, IBM Development Laboratory.  Foster, Director of the Fort Walton Beach Venture Hive, subsequently left IBM after 17 years to found a professional education Firm in Austin, Texas, where he offered his MIS and other management and technology seminars to business executives, sales teams and boards of directors of financial Institutions.

To register for the session please visit:

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